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Halt Dog Repellent

Halt! Dog Repellent
Halt Dog Repellant - Halt Dog Repellent

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Halt! Halt Dog Repellent Repellant    Halt! Halt Dog Repellent Repellant in Package
Halt! Dog Repellent - Discounts on 2 or More Halt

Halt Dog Repellant. Used by the U.S. Postal Service for over 30 years! Produces an Irritating Liquid Stream up to 12 Feet. Stops Even the Most Vicious Dogs!

Halt immediately and effectively destroys the animal's initiative to be aggressive. The dog will quickly withdraw and in most cases will refrain from a future attack against the person who has applied the repellent. The active ingredient in Halt! is Capsaicin (pepper spray), which is a strong irritant. It creates a sensation of heat that will last for several minutes, after which the animal returns to normal. Clip/Cap with handy finger-guide assures one direction spray. Great for cyclists, public delivery persons, paper carriers, letter carriers, runners, joggers, walkers, etc. Order a couple of spares to have while biking, jogging, walking and in your vehicle.  Halt! Dog Repellent stops vicious dogs in their tracks!  Ask your U.S. Post Office Letter Carrier...Ask your veterinarian


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